Realizing You Are Suffering From Information Addiction

Yes, you read that right. People can actually become addicted to eating frozen water, which even has its own name: pagophagia. However, far more than a bizarre food addiction, pagophagia can actually be an indicator for iron deficiency anemia. Check out this blog post by Kevin MD with more.

Some have been caught hiding their additions by sneaking it under a menu or going to the restroom to use it. A study by New Jersey’s Rutgers University School claims the Blackberry is fueling a rise in e-mail and smartphone addiction, with sufferers able to survive only a few minutes without checking for new mail.

To better understand how to cure an addiction, its important to really understand the behavior and what drives someone to do it. Pornography addiction is very misunderstood. People think it’s all about sex, but that’s not entirely true. While it involves sex, what we are really dealing with are the brain chemicals that are released during the behavior. The “user”, actually gets addicted to the naturally occurring brain chemicals just like he or she would to a drug.

There are many things you can do to stop a negative behavior. In the case of someone who bites their nail, breaking that habit might involve putting something spicy on their fingernails. Another thing that often works to help deter the individual from biting their nails is a couple of layers of fingernail polish. This approach obviously works much better for women than men.

Use the internet as a treat. Don’t worry – those emails will be there whether you check them 20 times a day or 2 times a day! No one is going to die just because you did not update the status on your Facebook page! If anyone complains tell them the truth – you had stuff to do!

Now the techie gets very confused. His or her dreams of unending knowledge and experience have just collapsed and she/he begins thinking, “Is this all there is?” Too late now to go back to Roller Derby, a bunch of floozies skating around in circles; that’s no longer an option. Nor is NASCAR, a bunch of cars running around in circles, or fat guys in funny tights chasing each other around in a ring. Nor is the techies previous internet existence an option, which ran around in circles as well.

We’ve all heard the accusation of someone being a compulsive liar, but that is actually a real thing. Elizabeth Hartney is the addiction expert at and gives loads of useful tips for those who feel the need to compulsively lie. They include ideas, tips, and more.

Some examples of groups are Random Acts Of Kindness, Misker’s Denizens, Garden of Friendship and Hearts Of Gold. Other groups include Kindred Spirits, Inner Dreams, Web Addicts, Net Dudes and so on.