How To Conquer Internet Addiction

Below are the top 25 bizarre addictions that are a must see/read to believe. They include people from all walks of life and even have a few entries on items that are supposed to be good for you.

So, returning to Sam, what could he have done? Not that hard to guess. He should have taken the decision to quit smoking on a very bad day. He should have chosen a day where his will-power is at its bottom instead of choosing one of the best days in his life to start quitting. If he did succeed to quit while being at his lowest level of will-power, then any other day would be much easier for him because his will-power will be much stronger.

Defensive Coping- a way to protect yourself from emotional discomforts of stress, in a matter that reduces the intensity of the stress experienced. Defensive coping includes avoidance, repression, and denial. How does this work? By self-deception; we bend and twist reality in ways that suit us best. This is both an unconscious and conscious process, although mostly unconscious and it is very normal. Although it’s normal, it definitely is not healthy. When you avoid a situation, you do not come up with a solution. When you repress a situation, it leads to poor health because you delay owning up to your problems. When you are in denial and you experience wishful thinking, you surely do not accomplish much.

I did a search for information addiction on Google a few minutes ago (please refrain from pointing out the irony of searching for information about information addiction on the internet, I know it’s hypocritical). There’s actually a wikipedia entry about information addiction, albeit a short one, as well as another entry about smartphone addiction. Upon reading both of those, I realized that i was actually suffering from some sort of disorder. Basically a technological ADD.

Thus began my infiltration into the online world. I was never without it. I learned basic html and created a hideous website at the online neighborhood GeoCities, founded in 1994. I hung out with the D&D crowd, who would eventually take online gaming to a whole new level with Worlds of Warcraft, but in the mid 90’s the RPG chat applet was a godsend to this dice-throwing, book-reading crowd.

Presumably you join a group for a reason. Perhaps you like the people, you want someone to communicate with or you like signing guestbooks. Perhaps you want to contribute to the causes that the group supports.

We have all done our best to stop it, we have all felt the pain of the emotions that arises from doing what we don’t want to do, but yet, very few of us have succeeded, do you know why?