Preventing Internet Addiction

Eating is a big addiction in our country today and this one is very hard to treat. Abstinence is big part of treatment when it comes to addiction. But how do you abstain from something that is life sustaining? There are certain foods that cause cravings in some people and these cravings will often lead to binge eating. The foods that are most often the biggest culprits are sugar and highly processed carbs. The best way to avoid this is to abstain from eating these foods. The problem comes from identifying the specific foods that cause the cravings.

Turn it off. When you’re done with the computer, shut it off. If you have to wait for the computer to boot up every time you want to use it, there will be less temptation to use it.

Disturbs daily habits. You begin not sleeping or neglecting personal hygiene. If you’d rather chat online than spend time with your family, you have a problem.

If you look up information overload, Wikipedia will link you to a number of different words that relate. For instance, one relation to information overload is, Cognitive Dissonance..Yah, I’m not really sure what that means either. Another is, Mind-Expanding. Now that’s more my level. Than we have Continuous Partial Attention, Learning Curve, or my favorite.smartphone addiction. Now, in my opinion the best way to avoid this overload of information is with a little ATTENTION Management.

And it’s not because I can’t. I have the knowledge and skills to do nearly all of them right now, or at least the means to find out how to do them. I’m just so obsessed with information and other people’s stories and projects that it’s impeding my own ability to succeed.

I will start off by explaining the unhealthy coping patterns because I believe it to be very important for people to realize what is categorized as an unhealthy coping mechanism.

Because none of us would be here if babies didn’t happen, it doesn’t seem like it can be addiction, but some women can actually become addicted to becoming pregnant and having children. As reported on with Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, the addiction left her delusional enough to think she could care for fourteen children. Samantha Chang, the Celebrity Fitness and Health Examiner, has more.