Some Simple Ways To Overcome Internet Addiction

“Switch-off” your brain after 9 pm, which means switch-off TV / computer / cell phones / video games, which are sending sound & light waves to the brain.

One of the most effective methods to overcome smartphone addiction is to think about what else you can by doing. Think about other things that you would like to do, other things that you are interested in. Write them down and allocate some time each day to take part in different activities.

For most of us, toilet paper has the one and only one function in our lives. However, there are some people who have become addicted to eating toilet paper. This blogger at Experience Project tells how they could go a whole day without real food if there were just a few rolls of toilet paper about.

He might be able to see the cycle, and consciously recognize that he won’t be able to find satisfaction. It’s like a food addict being able to recognize that they will be hungry again in 3 hours, but they still binge on a bag of chips. But his brain convinces him each time to act out again- to chase the ever elusive mirage that this will be the time that finally completes him. The crazy thing is that from a biological perspective, it is impossible for sex to ever fulfill him emotionally. It’s a chemical rush in his brain he’s after. And each time he gets it, his brain gets more numb to the chemicals, and he needs more and more to get his fix.

Some examples of groups are Random Acts Of Kindness, Misker’s Denizens, Garden of Friendship and Hearts Of Gold. Other groups include Kindred Spirits, Inner Dreams, Web Addicts, Net Dudes and so on.

Take your computer as far from your sight as possible. You can also be the person who will go out and choose to get away from your computer for some time. Completely turn off your computer as soon as your time on the internet is up. Cover your monitor if you are using a personal computer or put away your laptop and hide it in a place you cannot see it.

Let’s face it, technology is a huge part of our day to day lives. However studies are proving that addiction to technology is a fast growing issue. Some studies are relating it to other addictions such as alcoholism.