Smartphone Addiction Already?

Tell a professional about it. Talk to a counselor. Because of its prevalence, several hotlines have already been set up. A professional is the best person to help you as the steps he or she can provide is normally backed up by research.

Similar to the above, technology in any form can be addicting, and teens are very susceptible to it, as reported on by Parenting Teens. They found that of all technology addictions, including video games and cell phones, that the internet itself was the number one addiction. Younger children are especially vulnerable to smartphone addiction trouble as they can be the main targets of identity theft and other online predators.

The shy can afford to do or say anything he wants anonymously. The poet can post its writing on blogs hoping to get feedbacks. We as people need to realize that human contact is necessary and needed to avoid living a life full of depression and loneliness. A way to break from this addiction is to get more involved in the community and learn to know your neighbor. Whenever you feel the need to go online and chat, call a friend and make jokes and laugh.

These subliminal messages can make you more confident over your fight against addiction. You will realize that the ultimate key to healing is actually you. As long as you are willing to fight it, you can get away with it.

Laughter is a solution to many things. The worse part of this addiction is that Internet has become so commonly used, that no one thinks of it as an addition. The internet gives a false feeling that we are fine and as we keep getting more addicted, we are in reality spending more time alone and we start cutting ourselves out of the real world. Before we know it, we have put ourselves in a nutshell and it will be very hard to break that shell and be able to have again a good social life. While Internet has improved many aspects of our lives, it has affected very much human interaction. Next time you want to contact a friend, instead of sending an email, why don’t you try sending a regular mail? Take the time to go buy a nice card and send it.

Many computer security experts might disagree with this advice, but it is important to have a place where you can look up password and username information. You can still keep the file secure by limiting to your personal computer and your personal profile. Never ever make a copy of it. In addition, as you plan your will, funeral, etc., you will want to let your heirs know where the file is kept and how to get into it. You may have some personal writings on-line that you may wish to share with them.

Although soda and fast food addictions have become more and more common place, did you know that health food can also become an addiction? Also known as orthorexia nervosa, it is a desire to eat only foods that have been dubbed “healthy.” However innocent sounding, these people can deprive themselves of meat and dairy, or adequate substitutes, depriving themselves of protein, calcium, and other vital nutrients.