6 Tips To Start Beating Internet Addiction

Ok. for the most part, there is probably nothing wrong with what I’ve described above. That is, unless social media is causing you to neglect your relationships or your job. After all, social media can allow people to more effectively engage on topics with other people they may have never met in real life.

While talking with your partner, be sure to set boundaries that both of you are comfortable with. For example: no form of technology while eating dinner or between a certain time frame. We’ve all heard it said, a television is not suppose to be in the bedroom. Maybe that same thinking goes for the laptop and blackberry too. Be sure to make clear acceptable boundaries with your partner. It’s hard to break old habits, your partner might need to be reminded of the boundaries from time to time.

Checking to see if anyone has e-mailed you in the past five minutes. Watching a website to see if it has been updated. Reading your friend’s blog. And your friend’s friend’s blog. And then the random blogs that are linked from them. Then back to checking your e-mail to see if anyone has responded to an e-mail that you just sent them. Oh wait! Here comes an instant message! Start chatting with that person. Finally, you stop to go and settle down to do some work. But first, you want to just check one more thing. And then the cycle continues. Does any of this sound familiar?

Also known as “Crackberry,” this addiction often involves a Blackberry, iPhone, or other mobile device that leaves its user disconnected from the real world. In fact, the addictions can be so severe that users experience symptoms if they go for more than a few minutes without them.

Striking out at Others – Yes, I am guilty of this too. And yes, I do get a temporary relief of frustration and anger for a couple of minutes, but the cost we pay at the end of the day after lashing out at someone is catastrophic. Why do we lash out at others? Mainly because we cannot vent at the real source, so in Freudian terms, we “displace” our anger on someone else. Our aggression is always caused by frustration. Although we have a temporary release of emotional tension, the interpersonal problems which this brings about only increases stress on a large scale.

People most at risk for smartphone addiction usually are people who have anxiety disorders. The internet often distracts them from fears or other things they feel anxiety about.

Set Reasonable Goals. What you want to do is structured your sessions online by setting reasonable goals. Instead of saying all beyond computer for 30 hours a week, set more realistic goal of 15 hours for example. Doing this will help organized your time.