Moms & Internet Addiction

Every time a new diet comes out, do you know someone who is already on it? They may be diet addicts. According to Brainz, diet addicts constantly feel the need to live up to standards that are virtually impossible to obtain. They even discuss healthy, neurological ways to counter a diet addiction.

It is okay to have a life outside of the Internet, it just means that you have your priorities straight. Let’s be honest: What are the odds of you actually meeting all of those people you hang out with on the forums? Don’t condemn yourself however! Some of my closest friends are people I have never met, and some of your friends may be as well! It is easier to relax and be yourself online knowing that you have not met and probably never will meet that person you’ve spent hours with debating nosehair remedies! We’ve all done it, we all will continue to do it – the trick is to not allow our physical lives to suffer for the sake of our online existence!

I did a search for information addiction on Google a few minutes ago (please refrain from pointing out the irony of searching for information about information addiction on the internet, I know it’s hypocritical). There’s actually a wikipedia entry about information addiction, albeit a short one, as well as another entry about smartphone addiction. Upon reading both of those, I realized that i was actually suffering from some sort of disorder. Basically a technological ADD.

Your lack of exercise, exposure to sunlight and pollutants, bad nutrition will cost you! No wonder you’re seeing many health care and gyms in the downtown district. This so called, a life style disease also brought fitness and health business to emerge.

You too must know if you have any kind of external dependency that is preventing you from breaking your habit. Don’t run away, if you want to escape, then go ahead, but escape forward instead of backwards.

Yes, you read that right. People can actually become addicted to eating frozen water, which even has its own name: pagophagia. However, far more than a bizarre food addiction, pagophagia can actually be an indicator for iron deficiency anemia. Check out this blog post by Kevin MD with more.

Presumably you join a group for a reason. Perhaps you like the people, you want someone to communicate with or you like signing guestbooks. Perhaps you want to contribute to the causes that the group supports.

6 Tips To Start Beating Internet Addiction

Pushing the Limits – The inability to limit your usage online is clearly a sign of addiction. You shout down the hall that you are almost done to your family and another hour goes by before you shut down the machine. This is bad, very bad.

If we all need food to live, how can it become an addiction? Dr. Mark Hyman discusses the obesity epidemic and how a food addiction can be part of that. He also discusses which foods are more prone to addiction.

Learn to discriminate unhealthy reactions to stress: distinguish between reactions that are detrimental and those that are beneficial. Always remember: acting under stress will only make the situation worse.

People now find it hard to interact with others in a real social setting. A friend of mine complained that she went to dinner with her friends and all they did during the evening was to check Google to help them resolve disputes and find out petty information. It got to the stage where she had to give them rules where they could only access the Internet 3 times each during the night and even that was hard for them. The conversations also revolved around Twitter and Facebook!

Limit the time you spend on the internet. Decide on a time to limit yourself on the use of internet. As soon as your time is up, remind yourself that you can still browse the next day. Turn of the computer and go outside. Take a walk and think about the things you will do to keep you busy. This will help you take away your mind from the use of internet, thus preventing your rationalization of extending more time. Plan a schedule ahead such as conducting a meeting with your loved ones after your time is up.

Another difference is that a techneck doesn’t know who his or her neighbors are! He/she might sneak a peak as they pull into their garage, or barbeque something in their back yard, but the techie wants nothing to do with in-your-face personal relationships except of course on Facebook where a techneck will have at least ten thousand friends all of which are techies too, which make the impersonal communications so much more delicious.

If you spend close to 24 hours online and it is damaging a lot of aspects in your life and your personal relationships, then there is a huge chance you can already be suffering from smartphone addiction.

So, how do you know if you are a social media addict? Well, there are all kind of studies on addiction and books on why they occur. I believe that like most addictions in life, you know when you have a problem, whether you admit it or not.