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We live in an age where instant gratification is king, constant stimulation is necessary, and community (be it online or in person) is vital. We wonder how our mothers and grandmothers were able to keep their sanity without disposable diapers, cable television, cell phones and of course, the ability to blog!

Even if i would have kept up with reading the newsreader everyday, that’s still somewhere between 50-100 blog posts a day to read. At first, those subscriptions served the purpose of keeping me in the loop for a few different fields I was interested in, namely web design, web development, programming, and the Packers. Now they are just remnants of something that started me on my path towards information addiction and subsequently, information overload.

If you spend close to 24 hours online and it is damaging a lot of aspects in your life and your personal relationships, then there is a huge chance you can already be suffering from smartphone addiction.

People now find it hard to interact with others in a real social setting. A friend of mine complained that she went to dinner with her friends and all they did during the evening was to check Google to help them resolve disputes and find out petty information. It got to the stage where she had to give them rules where they could only access the Internet 3 times each during the night and even that was hard for them. The conversations also revolved around Twitter and Facebook!

Promise yourself not to touch the computer until everything on that list is done, and get to work! Throw a sheet over the computer if you need to keep it from distracting you, or get a friend to hide the power cord if you keep wandering to the machine. Once your list is done collect the cord, or uncover your computer and turn it on while you relax to a cup of your favorite beverage.

Another group of people at risk are people who are depressed, often turn to the internet. The internet distracts them from their feelings but to much time online can actually make the depression worse.

With an entire cable show dedicated to animal hoarding, it can be a serious and bizarre addiction. It is defined by Dr. Owen Kelly of as the desire to keep animals to the point where they become too much for the owner and a hazard to both people and pets alike. As many as 33 percent of the millions of people who compulsively hoard are thought to involve animals in the process.