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Stopping the Police Brutality

In many countries of the world, stories of police unlawful arrests are common stories. The unlawful arrest often entails; harassment, money extortion, violence, and even murder sometimes. Whenever police use excessive force to carry out their responsibility, crimes will multiply in the society and people will abhor their government. It is necessary for people and government to awake and stop the growth of police’ harassment, violence, and unlawful arrests. For the sake of peace and justice, this problem has to be addressed so as to rebuild what has been destroyed. This article will highlight some of the key steps that can be taken so as to end police harassment and brutality.

One should not think that fighting any injustice in society requires just one person. The hope to achieve any set objective will be rational if only you have received the support from every concerned citizenry. In every society people are willing and sensitive when it comes to fighting injustice and things like police brutality. Since police harassment and brutality have become rampant, everyone if fed about with it. Therefore, the moment one can stand sensitizing others against it, one will succeed. Through the unification of people peace and justice are made possible in many nations of the world. Thus, if you manage to convince a few people to stand with you, with the right strategies, the number of supporters will keep on growing.

If you consider working with the media, so many people will know about your exercise and hence do the same in their regions. You will reach to those you could not reach to if you work with media in this movement. Within a short period of time, your countrymen and foreigners will join and support you, just because you have used media to inform them. Thus, you need to learn how to cooperate with media agencies.

Remember all this is to make peace but not to hate the police. If one part of the society is causing trouble, it does not have to be excluded but invited in discussion aiming peace. The cost of building peace requires such discipline. Both to the police leadership and to different government justice institutions, the police brutality question has to be addressed without involving violence. In responding to this movement, the government must punish police personnel who have abused their authorities by bringing them to justice. Some of the police brutality’s victims have been affected financially, morally, healthily, etc. The administration, therefore, must provide forfeiture to the culprit in addition to compensation to the victims.

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