How Long Are You Online Everyday?

Ever since the drive to the local video store became too much of a hassle, Netflix and other movie on demand services have become the norm in how Americans rent movies. One of the bloggers at Open Forum discusses how these business models can actually be converted into useful practices.

As inevitable as births, funerals are also an unfortunate part of life. However, while most people are at the very least reluctant to attend a funeral, Luis Squarisi of Brazil never misses one. Short News reports that he has been to every funeral in his hometown since 1983.

Did you know that soda is a billion a year industry? With so much money at stake, it isn’t surprising that a significant portion of that is coming from addicts. The blogger at Going Like Sixty discusses how he became addicted to soda and how he got through it.

This past fall, quite a few stories emerged in the press about the Amazon Kindle 2 & DX, Sony Readers and Barnes & Noble Nook. Seeing that I enjoy reading books and am quite enthusiastic about all types of computers and electronics, my research into e-Readers grew from hours into weeks of research. Then when I got a chance to play around with a Sony Touch Reader, something clicked in my mind, that digital reading and ebooks will be the next major social trend after 2010. That is when my self education with web design began and i got started building my first website with e-Reader content.

Striking out at Others – Yes, I am guilty of this too. And yes, I do get a temporary relief of frustration and anger for a couple of minutes, but the cost we pay at the end of the day after lashing out at someone is catastrophic. Why do we lash out at others? Mainly because we cannot vent at the real source, so in Freudian terms, we “displace” our anger on someone else. Our aggression is always caused by frustration. Although we have a temporary release of emotional tension, the interpersonal problems which this brings about only increases stress on a large scale.

Set Reasonable Goals. What you want to do is structured your sessions online by setting reasonable goals. Instead of saying all beyond computer for 30 hours a week, set more realistic goal of 15 hours for example. Doing this will help organized your time.

Recently Who has declared that “smartphone addiction” also a kind of mental illness. Especially, one who is using “Sound & Light Waves” instruments like TV/ Computer/ Cell Phone/ Video Games, after 9 pm may be influenced by “CIRCARDIAN RHYTHEM”, which affects their normal routine sleep. As outcome of watching TV till 2 pm (midnight), many, especially young adolescents are not able to exit from their bed early and used to sleep till 10 am. According to experts and their research findings, as outcome of sleep disturbances, women are facing menstrual defects and both the sexes are facing mental tiredness, anxiety and stress.

Changing your routine is also a good idea. When you get up in the morning, instead of immediately running to the internet to check your e-mail, plan on having a shower first and having some breakfast before you even turn on the computer. When you come home from work, try having dinner before you go online. Do something else and have a more rigid timetable.