It is so important to continue to educate yourselves. The more knowledge you have on a particular subject, the easier it is to grasp. You don’t have to be an expert at every turn. Pick something you’re comfortable with, and stick with it, DON’T GIVE Up!!

Recently Who has declared that “smartphone addiction” also a kind of mental illness. Especially, one who is using “Sound & Light Waves” instruments like TV/ Computer/ Cell Phone/ Video Games, after 9 pm may be influenced by “CIRCARDIAN RHYTHEM”, which affects their normal routine sleep. As outcome of watching TV till 2 pm (midnight), many, especially young adolescents are not able to exit from their bed early and used to sleep till 10 am. According to experts and their research findings, as outcome of sleep disturbances, women are facing menstrual defects and both the sexes are facing mental tiredness, anxiety and stress.