Lifestyle – Four Simple Ways To Overcome Internet Addiction

Random thoughts will culminate in Google searches lasting for hours instead of the estimated minutes as we click page upon page engrossed in the cornucopia of information before us. A quick game before dinner ends up lasting well past when we were supposed to eat, and if we were the ones designated to cook – oops!

Because none of us would be here if babies didn’t happen, it doesn’t seem like it can be addiction, but some women can actually become addicted to becoming pregnant and having children. As reported on with Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, the addiction left her delusional enough to think she could care for fourteen children. Samantha Chang, the Celebrity Fitness and Health Examiner, has more.

I did a search for information addiction on Google a few minutes ago (please refrain from pointing out the irony of searching for information about information addiction on the internet, I know it’s hypocritical). There’s actually a wikipedia entry about information addiction, albeit a short one, as well as another entry about smartphone addiction. Upon reading both of those, I realized that i was actually suffering from some sort of disorder. Basically a technological ADD.

Is e-mail that big a deal? Do we really need access to it 24/7, no matter where we are? Well, more than 5 million BlackBerry users indicate that we do. If you think you have a problem, there is help; however you will have to fly to Chicago to get it. The Sheraton Chicago Hotel now offers BlackBerry detox services for those afflicted with the obsession. Maybe soon, Boston, the Lenox will rescue you from your constant computer cravings.

When you are happy, your will-power becomes strong, but when you get disappointed it decreases and becomes weak. When you’re at the top of your achievements your will-power may be an iron one, but when you hit the bottom, your will-power gets down to the minimum level.

Sometimes you can’t break a habit because a part of you wants it. Yes, you may want to stop smoking because of the health risks associated with smoking but on the other hand another part of you wants you to smoke in order to enjoy the cigarette. In this case ignoring the need of one of your parts will result in suppressed emotions and unmet needs which will in turn lead to feeling uncomfortable and so you will eventually return back to the bad habit.

Did you know that soda is a billion a year industry? With so much money at stake, it isn’t surprising that a significant portion of that is coming from addicts. The blogger at Going Like Sixty discusses how he became addicted to soda and how he got through it.

The problem becomes even worse if you need your computer to do work. If you do, then you should keep your computer at home off, or at least offline. If you are not using a computer at work and find that you are having problems with your home computer, but cannot simply turn it off, there are a few things that you can do. The first is to set up a new user on your system who doesn’t have access to instant messaging, and can only use a few web sites. That will put a damper on your extraneous surfing. If you do not have an always-on connection (ie if you use dial-up) then the problem is a little easier. Just don’t connect. That will make it easier for you to keep yourself from the distractions that the internet provides.