Smartphone Addiction

He might be able to see the cycle, and consciously recognize that he won’t be able to find satisfaction. It’s like a food addict being able to recognize that they will be hungry again in 3 hours, but they still binge on a bag of chips. But his brain convinces him each time to act out again- to chase the ever elusive mirage that this will be the time that finally completes him. The crazy thing is that from a biological perspective, it is impossible for sex to ever fulfill him emotionally. It’s a chemical rush in his brain he’s after. And each time he gets it, his brain gets more numb to the chemicals, and he needs more and more to get his fix.

Things like smartphone addiction are overtaking the lives of many people. This can be an incredibly hard habit to break but with a clear but plan of action it can be done. If you really are determined to break your habit of going online at every chance you get, consider canceling your internet service. If you do this youll have to pay to use the Internet at a caf or library. This is a great deterrent as it cost a lot to log on this way.